The tapas of the wine bar: cecina de León

28 February 2013 - News, Focus on..., our products to enjoy on the spot

For this coming “Apéro Chic” on Thursday 2 May, let’s focus on Cecina de León!

This tender and tasty ham is irresistible from the very first bite... This Spanish high quality meat derives from pasture-raised beef. 

Cecina is labelled “Protected Geographical Indication in the Province of León” in the North-East of Spain. The production process takes 7 months during which the meat is cured in salt, smoked in oak and dried slowly.

The Cecina served in Chai & Bar is produced by the Álvarez family, already famous for its wines from Bodega Vega Sicilia.

To be enjoyed at the Wine bar: 13€

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